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In Paris, the Marais neighborhood close to the City Hall (Hotel de Ville) has blossomed into the city's indisputable gay center. There you'll find countless gay bars and restaurants, gay-oriented shops and hotels, and throngs of gay people from all over the world. All of this is a relatively recent phenomenon, so it hasn't yet lost its novelty, its energy... In 2001 Paris elected its first openly gay mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, affirming the city's tolerance towards us. Indeed, gay life in Paris is inextricably intertwined with dominant (straight) culture, in spite of the Marais' reputation as a "ghetto". Straight Parisians often frequent gay-identified bars and clubs, reputed as the trendiest, most happening places in town, and social gatherings (dinner parties are a high sacred rite of life in France) are usually mixed. It is safe to say, overall, that the French genuinely like gay people, so you should feel welcome everywhere. (excerpt from Gay Life in France)

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